October 27, 2020
Dear Friends, 

Hope is steadfast, which means hope will never give up or give in—especially when things don’t go according to plan. And in this year of paused plans and new normals, we’ve seen hope do what hope does best when life goes sideways: show up with better plans. See below how hope has been steadfast this month!
It has never been easier to partner with us financially. Here are three great ways you can sign up today to give to MVLF to change the Miami Valley without changing your routine.

You can sign up using AmazonSmile and Kroger Community Awards, as well as through the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) if you’re a current or retired federal employee (MVLF’s CFC # is 99973).

Your financial partnership means MVLF can continue to mentor youth, strengthen families, and build healthy communities in the Miami Valley.
Mentoring youth lies at the heart of MVLF’s pursuits to strengthen families and build healthy communities. Mentors are more than those who offer wisdom or advice. Mentors become a listening ear, reminding youth their interests matter. Mentors become a source of safety when the world seems confusing. Mentors become a living reminder that youth aren’t alone, especially during these times of social distancing and isolation.

And MVLF’s leadership has found a way through these challenges and into the lives of area youth: E-mentoring. MVLF is looking to grow 50 strong by matching 50 new E-mentoring mentors with area youth through safe, online programming. Will you help MVLF become 50 strong?

If you’re interested, Shannon Todd, MVLF’s Mentoring Program Director, is hosting E-Mentoring information sessions. Sign up for one by clicking the button below.
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Schools provide students with more than a place to learn. They provide necessary intangibles such as consistency, community, safety, and security. So when the leadership of the Miamisburg City School District discerned that the best thing for its students was to open the schools for the 2020-2021 school year, they did so focused on those intangibles.

In the late summer, Hope4Miamisburg (H4M), an MVLF Hope4Community (H4C), received a call from school leadership. They needed water. Health protocols meant the schools’ drinking fountains were still turned off, but the water the school ordered was backlogged. It would arrive in October, weeks after school’s start. So, Sarah Pelphrey, the H4M director, contacted area nonprofits, including BOGG Ministries, area churches, Planting Seeds (a ministry that provides furniture to the homeless), and others to come together to meet the schools’ needs.

Soon, cases of water arrived to the schools by the hundreds in a moving truck furnished by Planting Seeds, packed by H4M volunteers. As hallways filled with cases of water, masks and microfiber towels began to be donated. Google Chromebooks also began arriving as churches and area nonprofits organized alongside each other. And in the middle of it all, Kettering Health Network called: they had boxes of hand sanitizer they wanted to donate.

When the dust of generosity settled before the school year began, the schools’ needs for water, masks, hand sanitizer, computers, and more were met. It didn’t matter which nonprofit gave what or how much of it; what mattered was that each utilized its resources, came together, and delivered hope. 

“I can truly say that H4M has been a life giver to me in 2020,” said Sarah. “Watching people put themselves aside for others is powerful to watch as people love and meet their communities’ needs and bring hope in the midst of the crazy.”

Meet Todd Baker, the Director of Finance and Administration for MVLF.

Todd joined the MVLF team after serving as a volunteer with Hope4Miamisburg (H4M), one of MVLF’s Hope4Communities, for more than a year. A passionate and professionally trained financial coach, Todd connected quickly to the story of MVLF to invest in people of faith and good will to build healthy communities.

“I had learned of the global organization (Leadership Foundations) through H4M, and then got to know the leadership more directly while volunteering . . .,” says Todd. “Everyone seemed passionate about serving and aligned to inspire others to become leaders across all programs: mentoring, Hope4Communities, and Leadership Training and Coaching.”

Todd desires to see the Miami Valley transformed by the connection and community offered by the Hope4Community model: “Wouldn’t it be a wonderful day to see Hope4Communities across the region building capacity, leading with joint initiatives, and bringing together people of faith and good will in local churches, local government, local schools, local nonprofits, and local businesses?”

Something else Todd is a fan of is Chili’s chocolate hot fudge and caramel volcano cake.

Thanks for all you do to serve the Miami Valley, Todd!

The MVLF Team