NEWS from Shannon Todd, MVLF Mentoring Director

January 6, 2021
January is National Mentoring Month! And at MVLF, we are so thankful for how mentoring has transformed the lives of many students in the Miami Valley. Mentoring has always played a key role in how MVLF pursues community transformation through hope. 

Many students grow up without knowing they are valued. They feel unimportant, lost, and neglected. Losing their confidence, these students often struggle to build relationships with others and perform their best in school. 

But when a caring adult steps into these students’ lives, they begin to see they really are important. Every week, their confidence grows as they share smiles, games, and talks with their mentors. They learn to build positive relationships with their peers and make goals working hard in school.  

By building mentor-mentee partnerships all across the Miami Valley, MVLF is transforming our community, one child at a time. 

The need is still great: one in three students don't have mentors to tell them they're important. But that can change.

Want to join the mission? Become a mentor and show young people they’re valuable:

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