Miami Valley Leadership Foundation (MVLF) January/February 2023 Newsletter

March 6, 2023

Welcome back to the latest edition of the Miami Valley Leadership Foundation (MVLF) newsletter. It's been a wonderful start to 2023! Read on to see what's been happening at MVLF.

MVLF selected to represent 
local Charity to Change program

In partnership with the Lilly Endowment Inc., Leadership Foundations has developed Charity To Change, an innovative training program to work with churches and church collaboratives to reimagine how congregations can invest in long-term, systemic community change with the skills, knowledge, and tools essential to build closer connections with their local communities, to develop a better understanding of their socio-cultural context, and be responsive to their most pressing needs.

Sarah Pelphrey, Hope4Miamisburg Director and MVLF Community Specialist and co-coach Caleb Ingram, Executive Director of Declare, lead the Charity to Change effort for MVLF where they meet with other local cohort participants monthly to have a meal, connect, encourage, and go over trainings together for the upcoming month. We're excited to see the impact being a part of this program can bring to the Dayton community.
Prayer circle at monthly Charity to Change gathering
Learn more about Charity to Change

National Mentoring Summit

In January, the MVLF team along with hundreds of others attended the National Mentoring Summit in Washington DC. The team participated in various breakout and networking sessions to connect with other mentoring programs and organizations.

MVLF was also able to connect with other Leadership Foundations representatives from across the country and learn about what they're doing in their communities and how we can strengthen our mentoring network and enhance our impact together. 

MVLF celebrates National Mentoring Month by thanking mentors

This past January, MVLF celebrated National Mentoring Month by sending a thank you card to each of our mentors and providing a fun activity for them to do with their mentees. 

The card read:

Our mentors and mentees had a great time completing this activity and celebrating their amazing partnership. One of our mentors shared, "My mentee had fun making the swans. She did much better than me!  Thanks for the creative idea."


MVLF is in search of new mentors

MVLF is still in search of new mentors for the 2022-2023 school year!

A mentor is a caring adult (18+) who invests in the life of a young person. That means anyone can be a mentor: a business professional, a retiree, a plumber, a college student, a nurse. No matter your vocational role, if you have a heart to see today’s youth succeed, you’re one step closer to being a mentor.

Interested but need more information?
Follow the link below OR Email Shannon Todd, MVLF Mentoring Program Director at [email protected]
Learn more about MVLF's mentoring opportunities here

MVLF team attends local community events

On January 28th, MVLF attended the 2023 Unshaken Conference. The conference brought together three of the most influential voices in cultural apologetics–Alisa Childers, Natasha Crain, and Frank Turek–to help equip Christians to live for Jesus in a world increasingly at odds with biblical Christianity.

On February 4th, MVLF attended the Mad River Local Schools (MRLS) Community & Family Celebration. The team, as well as one of our Hope4Communities, Hope4Riverside, were able to connect with numerous local organizations, students, and community members to further extend our resources and partnership.

It has never been easier to partner with us financially. Here are three great ways you can sign up today to give to MVLF and make an important impact in the community!

You can give using the MVLF website and Kroger Community Awards 
(#PK516), as well as through the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) if you’re a current or retired federal employee (#99973).

Thank you for your support!