Mentoring Segments

mentoring segments

In-School 1:1 & Group Mentoring

Mentors meet with students during the school day for one hour, one day a week.  Mentors may be matched one-on-one with a student or with a small group (2-4) depending on the program each school chooses.  


After-School Group Mentoring

Mentors meet with groups of students after school for one hour, one day a week.  After-school group mentoring is sometimes done in conjunction with other after school clubs and programs. (ex. STEM/Robotics Club, Game Club, etc.)

Church Based Mentoring

Many churches around the Miami Valley provide support to families and children outside of their regular services.  MVLF partners with churches to bring intentional mentoring for youth to their programs. (ex. Single Moms Ministry, tutoring sessions, Bible Clubs, etc.)

Community Based Mentoring

Communities throughout the Miami Valley offer youth programs to keep kids active and engaged in positive activities.  MVLF partners with these programs to bring intentional mentoring to the already positive experiences kids enjoy. (ex. recreational sport leagues, coaches, dance studios, etc.)