March 26, 2019

Letter from the President

Dear Friend,

The Miami Valley Leadership Foundation (MVLF) team has been working hard

and driving our mission and vision forward with greater speed. For example, we’ve

segmented our mentoring programs into four (4) key areas (see below). This gives

us greater clarity on who we’re serving and the critical partnerships required.

Last year was a series of ‘firsts’ for the MVLF (I will highlight a few). In 2018...

    Shannon Todd, Mentoring Program Director, joined our team. Shannon is the first

full-time associate and oversees the deployment of our mentoring program ~

including mentor training, onboarding, and mentee matching.

    Sarah Pelphrey joined our team to serve as a Hope4Community part-time Director.

Through her passion and leadership, she successfully launched Hope4Miamisburg.

    We surpassed 100 mentored students for the first time with the help of Randy

Chestnut, our part-time Director of Partnership Development and through our

continued partnership with Hope4Riverside.

It was a big year. We give the glory and honor to our Lord Jesus Christ.




Our playbook this year is not complex. We’re building capacity within the MVLF and by

serving our local partners. We have stretch goals to meet ~ 180 mentee matches

(2018-2019 school year) and a minimum of 1 additional Hope4Community in the Miami

Valley. a more important topic. You. Why are you important ~ and why do you matter?

Because you make it possible to touch the life (or lives) of real people in the Miami Valley.

You make it possible to connect a caring adult to someone who might really benefit from

your investment of time, talent, and/or treasure. The data tells us that YOU, in fact, are

making a difference. You are helping to improve the relationships between the parent(s)

and child. You are helping to improve school attendance, grades, and self-leadership skills.

You are making a difference in a child’s social support system. Thank you for being a

partner in this important work. We appreciate you and the impact you’re making to shape

the next generation of leaders.


Jay Schindler President



Our MVLF mentors are so amazing!
This is Bud. He and Tyrell have been friends for 3 years. They love to play UNO

together when they meet each week. Tyrell says it’s really funny when he beats Bud

in UNO. Tyrell really enjoys the time he gets to spend with Bud each week at school.

The principal at Tyrell’s school said “Tyrell’s whole face lights up when Mr. Bud is

here. We don’t see THAT smile unless it’s the day Mr. Bud is coming.”


Thank you Bud, and all of our amazing MVLF mentors, for everything you are doing

to invest in the lives of your mentees.