Each decision to show up for those in your community makes tremendous, life-long impact.  The fact you're here tells us you care and are likely already making a difference.  Thank you!

Your one-time or monthly contribution to the Miami Valley Leadership Foundation expands your impact and keeps our doors open (that is, of course, if we had doors).  Our highly motivated, uniquely capable team is lean and eager to serve.  We operate from our homes, coffee shops or church offices to stretch every dollar and pour more into the community.

Your investment specifically helps to:

  • Train & equip mentors in your community
  • Provide essential and tested mentorship materials
  • Advance & expand Hope4Communities to reach more into the community
  • Mobilize our lean team to attract, engage and prepare new mentors and community partners until the entire Miami Valley has been reached

Other ways to help:

  • Become a Mentor or an Occasional Volunteer
  • Join leaders & stakeholders, through your Hope4Community, to empathetically and effectively address your community's most urgent needs
  • Encourage your church family to become mentors, volunteers or supporters by advocating for your church to host a Hope4Dayton Sunday

You'll Know It's Working

No matter how you choose to give to the Miami Valley Leadership Foundation, we'll always be sure to let you know how it's working with quarterly updates, open access to our financial statements and a standing invitation to be part of the converstion about what's next!


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