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The Miami Valley Leadership Foundation recognizes that effective change takes collective impact. We believe that community leaders working together with a shared, common vision taking focused action provides perfect circumstances for a chance of real, tangible change.

The Big4 of Hope4Communities:


Author and Speaker, John Maxwell has said, “Everything rises and falls on leadership.” This is true of city transformation. We see God raising up men and women across the Miami Valley who are burdened about the condition of their community. The burden has gotten so heavy that they are no longer content to stay on the sidelines. They MUST do something!


In this sense, a vision is a compelling picture of a preferred future for each community. Leaders imagine, what would that preferred future be for the elderly, youth, families, businesses, schools, churches, etc.?


Remarkable things happen when people unite together around a common cause. People discover strengths and abilities they never knew they possessed. Communities realize assets that had been hidden or forgotten. Problems, once seeming insurmountable, begin to shrink in size.


Just because we cannot do everything does not mean we should not do something. For the Miami Valley Leadership Foundation, our focused “something” surrounds mentoring youth in life-flourishing and career readiness. But, the activity does not need to stop there. In fact, it is our experience that, once a community experiences the excitement and joy of working together toward a Shared Vision with a Common Mission, they won’t want to stop.