July 1, 2020
Happy Summer Friends

Whether it's the smell of lawn clippings, the sight of (socially distanced) lines for ice cream, or the sounds of bike rides that fade with the evening sun, no question summertime has arrived. And while many take this time to, deservedly, rest and relax a little, the MVLF team has been busy investing in and growing its capacity to serve the Miami Valley and its communities. We believe the more we grow, the more opportunities we can embrace as we seek to transform Dayton from a battleground to a playground. Here are a few ways we're growing!
Meet our newest team member: Ronnie Moreland, the Director of MVLF's Hope4WestDayton. Ronnie joined the MVLF team a few weeks ago, embracing MVLF’s love for the Miami Valley and its surrounding communities.

A lifelong Daytonian, Ronnie understands Dayton’s story and the communities he’s eager to serve, “My favorite thing about Dayton is the people's ability to rediscover their sense of value and purpose while engaging others to collaboratively work to overcome obstacles.”

Overcoming obstacles together is what MVLF’s Hope4Communities strive to embody and exemplify. And we’re grateful to have Ronnie continuing that good work into the communities of West Dayton.

“I want to do my part with others of goodwill to improve the quality of life for others well beyond our comfort zones.”

We’re so thankful for Ronnie and his heart to serve the Miami Valley. Welcome aboard!

“You’re such a good friend,” Tempe told her MVLF mentor, Sylvia, as Sylvia readied to leave the school.

Sylvia, an MVLF mentor since 2018, loves playing games with Tempe, or "Temp" as Sylvia calls her. Over the past two years, Sylvia has invested in Tempe's story with each hour of Uno and each book they read, and Sylvia loves it.  

“Mentoring gives me an opportunity to positively influence a young life by planting seeds to develop the fruits of the spirit of love, joy, patience, goodness, peace, faithfulness, kindness, and self-control.”

Tempe loves it, too. During the past school year, Tempe enjoyed reading "What Do You Stand For?" with Sylvia. Reading a book on character development gave Tempe some helpful things to consider as she navigates school, friendships, and family. And Sylvia enjoys being there to support her through it.

Whether through in-person meetings at school or e-mentoring calls, Tempe enjoyed Sylvia’s constant encouragement, and vice versa. Not wanting to lose her friend, Tempe asked Sylvia during their first e-mentoring call if she would mentor her next year. Sylvia excitingly shared with Tempe and Tempe's mom that she'll continue mentoring her through the forthcoming school years.

Mentoring relationships like these change the lives. Mentors help mentees cultivate new trajectories for their stories, which is why MVLF is committed to helping caring adults invest in the lives of local youth. We want to see the next generation become the leaders of tomorrow, but they need to know today that they can.

“If just 25% of adults would mentor a child, just think how much better society today and future generations will be!” We couldn’t agree more, Sylvia. Thank you for all you do!

Want to join Sylvia and our other mentors in supporting youth in the Miami Valley during the 2020-2021 school year? Click the button below to learn more about mentoring. 

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Financial and volunteer partnerships with MVLF helps us continue to grow our capacity to care for our youth and communities throughout the Miami Valley. 

We invite to partner with us--or invite a new partner to join us--as we seek to transform the Miami Valley from a battleground to a playground. 
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Join us in praying for students in the Miami Valley this summer:

1. Pray against loneliness. We know our students will miss their school friends and meeting with their mentors in person. Pray that they will be encouraged by a supportive community.
2. Pray for intentional family time. We hope families invest their available time in making memories.
3. Pray that students stay curious about the world around them. We want our students to explore, create, grow, and imagine their way through the summer.
4. Pray that students will stay healthy and have all their needs met.
5. Pray that students have fun! This summer will look different than others, and we hope students will harness their creativity and enjoy these months off school.

Thank you for supporting our students!
The MVLF Team