February 28, 2022
It's officially a new year, and here at MVLF, we have so much to look forward to! In this new year, MVLF aims to foster partnerships with local community organizations, expand our Hope4Community network, and continue to make high-quality mentor/mentee relationships. The growth we've seen since our establishment in 2015 has been a true blessing, and we attribute it all to God as well as our supporters. We can't wait to see what 2022 brings!

Communities thrive when our collective time, treasure, and talent are brought together in unity. No competition. No silos. Just linked arms, combined resources, and a unified mission of neighbors and leaders seeking the welfare of their communities.
At MVLF, we envision a Hope4Community in every community throughout the Miami Valley. And we need you to make that happen. Click the “Contact Us” button below, and we’d love to talk about how to begin a Hope4Community near you.

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Since 2015, MVLF has been growing our Hope4Community program across the Dayton and Miami Valley Region. MVLF now has several Hope4Communities and plans to have up to 13 by 2025. The Hope4Community Model can be complex, so MVLF has created a downloadable infographic called the “MVLF/H4C Community Impact Flowchart”, which visually helps communicate what a Hope4Community is and how it works.
Download the infographic here
Every young person, from a first-grade student to a graduating high-school senior, wants to know they’re seen and known. And the power of a caring adult’s investment can do just that: remind them they’re important.

However, one in three young people grow up without a mentor. One in three young people navigate the rigors of school, friend groups, social pressures, and life’s anxieties struggling to know whether they’re important or valued.

And they are valued. Every single one of them. 

That’s why we mentor. Mentors close the gap between the next generation believing they’re not important and knowing they are important. Mentors help youth cross the chasm from isolation to belonging. 

One caring mentor can change everything in a young person’s life.

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New MVLF Online Store

In 2021, the Miami Valley Leadership Foundation (MVLF) experienced tremendous growth and activity within its Hope4Community program. Due to this growth, MVLF launched a co-branded Online Apparel & Promotions company store.

Here, any Hope4Community member can find their local program and select their desired logo to have embroidered, or heat-printed, onto apparel and/or merchandise items.  These items are perfect to be worn at local Hope4Community events, meetings, fundraisers, and more.

The great thing about the site is that once you place an order, the item(s) will then be drop-shipped to your home, work or facility site, depending on your preference.

Please click on the link below to navigate to the new MVLF Online Store and shop away!
MVLF Online Store
It has never been easier to partner with us financially. Here are four great ways you can sign up today to give to MVLF and make an important impact in the community!

You can sign up using the MVLF website,  AmazonSmile and Kroger Community Awards (#PK516), as well as through the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) if you’re a current or retired federal employee (#99973).

Thank you for your support!