Hope4 Kettering

Located southeast of the city, Kettering is the largest inner suburb of Dayton, OH. The city is rich with history, schools, families, churches, and community members, making it the perfect place for a Hope4Community (H4C).

How It Started

Hope4Kettering (H4K) was established in August of 2021 after numerous local schools and government officials reached out to the Miami Valley Leadership Foundation (MVLF) seeking support and resources. Tyler Trent, associate pastor of Lifepointe Church and Dayton native, took on the position of H4K Director in December of 2021, and has used his passion for giving back and unwavering faith in God to heed the call.

Since its inception in 2021, H4K has connected with over 25 partners including churches, schools, government officials, and organizations. Together, these partners have adopted elementary schools, provided food to residents, raised housing funds for struggling families, and placed countless school supplies in the classrooms of hardworking teachers.

H4K continues to expand and gain new partners, broadening their impact and touching the lives of countless individuals and families in Kettering, OH.

Enhancing the Lives and Education of Elementary Students

In 2022, a Kettering elementary school suffered a mercury spill in their second-grade classroom, destroying all their classroom school supplies and decades of personal items belonging to the teacher. H4K quickly banned together and made it their mission to restore what was lost.

Through the support of numerous partners, volunteers, donations, and community organizations, H4K managed to help replace lost supplies, positively impacting the lives and education of these young students. The response was so overwhelming, the school district decided to replace items as well, resulting in a total recovery.


H4K Finds Housing for Expecting Couple

In 2022, a young Kettering couple learned they were expecting their first child. They had limited resources, so they sought help from local women’s center, Elizabeth’s New Life Center. The center grew to learn that the couple had been living out of an abandoned van and the husband had been working two jobs to try and support them. A local Kettering community member learned of the couple’s need for resources and began raising money to support them. After the launch of the initial fundraiser, the community member and their team decided to do another ask and reached out to H4K. Once H4K learned of the couple’s need, they quickly sprang into action.

With the help of their extensive network of partners, H4K was able to help raise enough money to get the couple their first apartment and pay for the first 6 months of rent. They were also able to provide the family food and clothing to ensure a healthy pregnancy and safe environment of their first baby.

We Are Looking For Servant Leaders

Look no further for ways to invest in your community’s future today. Your community needs neighbors like you. And we have three engaging ways you can participate in your community’s future by investing in the lives of local youth, families, or your community.

older man and boy giving high five

Mentor Youth

Caring adults who show up and stick around in the lives of youth can change everything. One caring mentor, whether it is in-person and online, can remind today’s youth they matter, helping them escape a life of brokenness and despair to build a future of purpose, hope, and faith.

family around a breakfast table

Strengthen Families

Families create a community’s foundation. And today’s families work harder than ever to navigate greater joblessness, deeper food insecurity, and educational obstacles. Coaching closes those gaps and empowers families’ providers. The result is stronger families who do more than survive: they thrive.

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Build Healthy Communities

Communities thrive when our collective time, treasure, and talent are brought together in unity. No competition. No silos. Just linked arms, combined resources, and a unified mission of neighbors and leaders seeking the welfare of their communities.

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