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The Miami Valley Leadership Foundation operates 100% through a combination of grants and generous donors.  Without the help of so many eager to make a difference in their communities, we could never connect youth in need with trained, resourced mentors or facilitate the formation and continued support for Hope4Communities.  Each gift starts a ripple of change in your community and it is our honor to be your partner!

3 Big Ways to Make Lasting Impact

This school year, we look to have all 300 mentor matches funded at $50 a month. And we invite you to be a part of this.
Each decision to show up for those in your community makes life-long impact. Support a project or become a partner!
Your gift of $60 provides critical resources for a student and their mentor.


We help local churches partner together in leading a coalition of community leaders and stakeholders to address their community’s most pressing needs.

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A coalition of churches and city leaders working hand-in-hand for the common good of our city.
We’re locking arms, giving hope to hurting families by forming positive, healthy relationships.