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The Miami Valley Leadership Foundation operates 100% through a combination of grants and generous donors.  Without the help of so many eager to make a difference in their communities, we could never connect youth in need with trained, resourced mentors or facilitate the formation and continued support for Hope4Communities.  Each gift starts a ripple of change in your community and it is our honor to be your partner!

3 Big Ways to Make Lasting Impact

This school year, we look to have all 300 mentor matches funded at $50 a month. And we invite you to be a part of this.
Thank you to the wonderful people of Lean Industries for their financial support during this unprecedented time.
Each decision to show up for those in your community makes life-long impact. Support a project or become a partner!


We help local churches partner together in leading a coalition of community leaders and stakeholders to address their community’s most pressing needs.

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We’re locking arms, giving hope to hurting families by forming positive, healthy relationships.
A coalition of churches and city leaders working hand-in-hand for the common good of our city.