February 23, 2021
We have several exciting updates to share!  We begin with news about our new and improved website, along with an update about MVLF's participation in MENTOR's Virtual National Mentoring Summit. Join us as we work together to transform lives, and get to know one of our board members as he shares his heart for mentoring and the community!  
We're immensely grateful for our team, partners, and those who worked diligently to make sure our website was refreshed in light of the growth of MVLF and our impact in the Miami Valley over the past years.

This refreshed website points visitors, volunteers, and eager partners to our heartbeats on every page: mentoring youth, strengthening families, and building healthy communities. These three pursuits encompass our passion for how we're transforming the Miami Valley with hope.

Check it out now and share it with others. And be on the lookout for exciting updates to come!
Visit Our New Website!
In late January, Shannon Todd, MVLF's Mentoring Program Director, attended The National Mentoring Summit, a virtual event sponsored by MENTOR - The National Mentoring Partnership.

Shannon was eager to join virtually to learn from researchers, practitioners, and leaders in the mentoring world. 

"I might not be exploring the beauty of Washington DC like last year's Summit," Shannon shared. "But I’m still so excited to have the opportunity to participate."

On the first day of the Summit, Shannon joined mentoring program leaders from around Ohio for "Capitol Hill Day." They met with Senator Sherrod Brown and with staff from Senator Rob Portman’s office to discuss ways they can advocate for mentoring support from Congress. Shannon was honored to join Jane McEwen and Jessica Bloomingdale from The Mentoring Collaborative of Montgomery County as they shared with everyone on the call about E-mentoring and how MVLF is using this innovative way of connecting mentors and mentees. 

Throughout the Summit, Shannon learned more about the importance of developing mentees' social networks—the group of people we all have and need to succeed in life.

"Ensuring students have at least one caring adult mentor has always been our focus. Now we're widening that focus to ensure mentees are growing those vastly important networks of people that we all have, but sometimes don't notice," Shannon shared. "Helping young people build their social capital and expand their opportunities is definitely a priority as we grow and improve the MVLF mentoring program."

This emphasis on bringing mentors together in a collaborative effort around mentees rings true not only of MVLF's heart for mentoring but also of its heart for building and transforming healthy communities. And it's one more indication that MVLF and its partners are moving the Miami Valley closer to a flourishing future.

Together, we’re working to see the Miami Valley transformed by hope. We envision youth who no longer feel isolated. We see families no longer burdened by brokenness. We imagine communities no longer crumbling but thriving and flourishing.

We invite you to join us. You can help transform lives and communities in the Miami Valley.

Give to Transform Lives
It has never been easier to partner with us financially. Here are three great ways you can sign up today to give to MVLF to change the Miami Valley without changing your routine.

You can sign up using AmazonSmile and Kroger Community Awards, as well as through the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) if you’re a current or retired federal employee (MVLF’s CFC # is 99973).

MVLF engages people of faith and good will to build healthy communities.

And our board members demonstrate how central partnership is–and the collaborative, capacity-building opportunities that come with it—to that end.

We’d love to introduce you to one of our board members: Paul Schlottman.

Paul has graciously served on MVLF's board since 2017, and we couldn't be more grateful for his heart for the Miami Valley and his expertise. Paul commits his time to being an MVLF board member because he believes "that mentoring and community development are essential to the development of people (citizenry) and to our community."

He values the work of MVLF's staff, partners, and volunteers with a heart for "mentoring makes a positive difference in the lives of those we serve."

He envisions the Miami Valley as a key venue for tomorrow's leaders and sees "MVLF playing a critical leadership role in organizing, empowering and coordinating those who care for and serve others." And we're that much closer because of him and our other board members.

Paul loves all desserts, but he's a big fan of bread pudding.
Thanks for all you do, Paul!

The MVLF Team