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Why be a mentor?

What do I have to offer? 

You have A LOT to offer. Time, commitment, a listening ear, an encouraging word, an excitement to see your mentee each week, life skills, people skills, social skills, a loving and caring attitude, a desire to help a child, a willingness to have fun, and so much more!  

What if we have nothing in common? 

Some of the healthiest relationships are formed when two people don’t have a lot in common, but they build something special based on each person’s individual personality.  Children long for connection. They long for someone to show an interest in them and spend quality time with them. By showing up every week, giving them your undivided attention, playing games with them, and encouraging them, you will see that any differences that may be present between the two of you will not be a hindrance to the relationship.

What are the mentoring segment opportunites?

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What if I have to stop mentoring? 

We understand that sometimes circumstances happen where a mentoring relationship has to end.  Communication with the Miami Valley Leadership Foundation Mentoring Program Director is required in this situation.

What if something serious comes up? 

Pray.  Ask the Lord to help you navigate through the tough conversations and listen to His leading as you remain a support and source of encouragement for your mentee.  Communication with the school administration and the Miami Valley Leadership Foundation Mentoring Program Director is essential. If serious issues come up during your session it is very important to notify the school administration right away.

How long is the commitment? 

One school year.  However, the option is available to continue with the same mentee the next school year and throughout the rest of their school career.  (Sessions are once a week for approximately one hour during the school day.)

Where do we meet, how often and how long? 

We will match your time available to the school’s opening.  All mentoring is done at the school during school hours. A complete time schedule is available for the asking.

What will we do during the mentoring meeting? 

The mentoring hour is spent however you feel best fills the need your mentee has at the time.  There should be play time (games provided), sharing time, and time to just listen to your mentee.  Each school will have a box of games exclusively for mentors to use during their mentor meetings. The games are fun and have educational value as well. The emphasis of the mentor meeting is on building the relationship and becoming an adult friend to the mentee.

Will I receive training first? What if I have questions along the way? 

Yes, the initial training for new mentors will be held at Way of the Cross Church in Riverside, OH and lasts approximately 2 hours.  Other training times and places may develop as additional need emerge. There will be multiple training dates to choose from in order to accommodate new mentors throughout the start of the school year. Additional training materials will be completed online at the mentor’s personal pace.  The Miami Valley Leadership Foundation Mentoring Program Director is here to serve you in any way possible. Please email, text, or call with any additional questions or concerns.

How is mentoring different than tutoring? 

The emphasis of tutoring is skills development, such as math or spelling.  Mentoring is based on the child’s basic need for a caring adult consistently in their life.   For a child’s brain to develop normally, a safe environment and consistent loving guidance from a trusted adult is required.

How is a Hope4Community selected?

We connect community churches and community leaders from the various sectors of society around a vision of collective impact to address the community's most pressig needs.  When a community champion is identified, and a coalition of churches show an interest, a Hope4 community is formed.  Have an interest?  Let's talk!

How are mentors and students selected?

Mentors show their initial interest by completing an mentor application form or a form for more information on the website or reaching out to our team.  After completing a successful application process and background check, we'll connect him/her to a student for mentorship.  Students, on the other hand, are often identified by our school partners as receptive to or in need of mentorship.  In some cases, however, all students from a church or commnity program are invited to participate!

Here’s what our mentors have to say:

  • What a difference one hour a week can make in a child’s life.
  • It is one of the best things to do with your time. It will enrich your life.
  • Children today really need someone to focus on them even if it is just one hour a week.  
  • If you’re patient and loving – God will take care of the rest.
  • The investment is minimal; the dividends to BOTH mentor and mentee are great.

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