August 25, 2020


Friend of MVLF,
What's one word you might use to describe 2020 so far? Perhaps "uncertain" or "difficult"? What about steadfast?

At MVLF, we agree it has been a difficult year. But with every delay, distraction, interruption, and inconvenience in 2020, we've seen the steadfastness of hope. We've seen it in our mentees and mentors as they meet weekly online; in our volunteers who show up to serve their neighbors; and in our team members who leverage their creativity and resources to equip leaders to build healthy communities. 

We thank you for your steadfastness with MVLF, and we invite you to continue with us into the rest of 2020—and after—to see how hope is steadfast.

When the world feels like it has spun off its axis, where do we turn? What gives us certainty, resilience, and steadfastness when uncertainty seems around every corner? 

MVLF President Jay Schindler offers this answer: a reliable True North. Read more about having a "True North" and how to develop one here in this letter from the president.

Read Jay's Letter

Would you rather be a ninja or a pirate?

This is one of the many “would-you-rather” questions MVLF mentor-mentee matches have answered during their E-mentoring sessions, one of MVLF's innovative responses to the restrictions brought by COVID-19.

Throughout the summer, Shannon Todd, MVLF's Mentoring Program Director, has scheduled and met with MVLF mentors and mentees on weekly Zoom calls. These E-mentoring sessions have provided both mentors and mentees a healthy, encouraging space to navigate the difficulties of isolation, uncertainty, and social distancing. Mentees have shown their mentors their LEGO creations, their pets, and even introduced various family members.

"E-mentoring sessions have given more laughs, prayers, and encouragement to our mentees’ families this summer," says Shannon. "No matter the distance between us, we’re thankful for the opportunity to continue investing in our mentees’ lives."

Help MVLF Build Healthy Communities
The mid-July sun scorched an empty street in West Dayton as Ronnie Moreland, Hope4WestDayton (H4WD) Director, reached between a cluster of weeds to grab another faded soda can and threw it into his garbage bag. As he walked along the road, looking for other stray soda cans, others from the West Dayton community filled similar bags as part of a summer beautification project.

Despite the day's heat and missing breeze, the street seemed alive, infused with the excitement of possibility and partnership. 

This event, known as "I Love West Dayton," brought together volunteers from Dayton Urban Young Life, Living City Project, and other nonprofits. And it's an indication—among many—that hope continues to stir in West Dayton as H4WD builds momentum through growing partnerships and opportunities to serve the area.

Over the past few months, Ronnie has been meeting with and connecting West Dayton pastors and church leaders, nonprofit leaders, school administration, and business leaders to develop deepening partnerships, helping West Dayton continue to become a healthy community.

Events like "I Love West Dayton" have been great ways for Ronnie to continue to see area leaders and volunteers come together. “It was certainly a blessing and an honor to labor with this group of young professionals and volunteers as we all took a few hours to show a little love and support to the West Dayton Community," said Ronnie.

As the summer transitions into the school year, H4WD is busy planning and preparing for more events and programs, including mentor training for up-and-coming mentors to come alongside area youth. Be on the lookout for more exciting news from H4WD.

Meet Jay Schindler, the President of MVLF. Jay invests his leadership expertise into MVLF team members and volunteers to maximize their God-given potential so they can encourage and equip others in their community to do the same.

Jay began consulting for MVLF in 2018, and later that year he took on the role of president. He uses his experience as a Certified Professional Coach to lead, equip, and encourage the MVLF team in relational and practical approaches to support youth and families in our community. "We're building tomorrow's leaders—family leaders, community leaders, business leaders, government leaders—leaders for all city domains. It's exciting work," shares Jay.

Jay sees a flourishing future for the Miami Valley filled with young leaders who identify and cultivate their own talents and use them to serve others.

"We want young people to learn how to effectively lead themselves," Jay continues. "When they effectively lead themselves, they have the capacity to lead others."

We’re thankful for all he does to build future leaders and healthy communities in the Miami Valley.

The MVLF Team