We Engage People of Faith and Goodwill to Build Relationships That Transform Lives.

Here's How

You Can Help Someone on a Path to Brokenness Live With Purpose, Faith, and Hope.

Lonely youth, hurting families, broken communities: many might say this is the Miami Valley’s same-old story. But we see things differently. When we look at the Miami Valley, we see neighbors coming together to mentor youth, strengthen families, and build healthy communities. When we look at the Miami Valley,
we see hope. And we see you as a key part of it.

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Mentor Youth

Caring adults who show up and stick around in the lives of youth can change everything. One caring mentor, whether it is in-person and online, can remind today’s youth they matter, helping them escape a life of brokenness and despair to build a future of purpose, hope, and faith.

family around a breakfast table

Strengthen Families

Families create a community’s foundation. And today’s families work harder than ever to navigate greater joblessness, deeper food insecurity, and educational obstacles. Coaching closes those gaps and empowers families’ providers. The result is stronger families who do more than survive: they thrive.

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Build Healthy Communities

Communities thrive when our collective time, treasure, and talent are brought together in unity. No competition. No silos. Just linked arms, combined resources, and a unified mission of neighbors and leaders seeking the welfare of their communities.

Partner Today to Transform the Miami Valley Tomorrow

Our communities thrive when partners connect and collaborate to create change. That’s why partnerships lie at the heart of change in the Miami Valley. Whether you’re a neighbor, church, nonprofit, business owner, school teacher, government official, or financial supporter, we invite you to partner with us.

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